Public Education

As a proud graduate of public schools (Bay View High School) and a parent whose children attended public schools, I know how vitally important public schools as a foundation for future success.

My passion for protecting public education began as a parent concerned about the issues facing public education. I served as a member and president of the PTA before I ran successfully for the Milwaukee Public School Board, where I served until I was elected to the State Assembly in 1998.

During my time in the State Assembly, I have worked hard to ensure Wisconsin’s public education system, but never more than the past few years. Gov. Walker and Republicans in the Legislature have presided over historic cuts to funding for public education in Wisconsin, and I have fought hard to undo the damage they have done.

  • I fought to restore $1.6 billion in Republican cuts to public education, cuts that are the largest in Wisconsin history. (2013 WI Act 20)
  • I pushed to hold private voucher programs accountable by requiring voucher schools meet the same educational standards as other public schools. (Voted N on TABLE AMENDMENT SB 598 AA 2, 3/20/2014) (Voted Y on SUSPEND RULES TO WITHDRAW AND TAKE UP AB 377, 2/18/2014)
  • I supported the Fair Funding for Education legislation, which would have invested in our public schools and guaranteed state aid to every student. (2013 AB 650)