First and foremost, I believe in minimum wage that is a living wage.

No matter what Gov. Walker and his Republican allies say, $7.25 per hour is NOT a living wage. I think it’s shameful that Republicans in Wisconsin want to continue to hurt so many workers and families here in Wisconsin by continuing to oppose an increase to our state’s minimum wage. I believe our state’s minimum wage should be a living wage, because no one working a full time job should be forced to live in poverty.

To that end, during the last legislative session I introduced Assembly Bill 720, which would have created a permanent wage council in the Department of Workforce Development to study the need for an increase in our state’s living wage and to make recommendations to the Department of Workforce Development regarding increases in the living wage to ensure the wages paid to any employee in Wisconsin are a living wage.

Unfortunately, Republicans took no action to study an increase to our state’s minimum wage, but I will continue to fight to see our state’s minimum wage increased