I’m proud to have fought for Julie’s Law

I have never been one to shy away from tough issues. After hearing from several families who were effected by medical,malpractice I introduced legislation to help address the issue and give families some closure. Of course the idea of cameras in surgical settings is still pretty new but I believe someday this will be the norm.

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Yet another reason I love the campaign trail!

The other day I met Kathleen Bahneman of Cudahy. She has lived in the area all her life and despite her disability she continues to be active in her community.

We had a great conversation that ended with her telling me I’m needed back in Madison to Kick Republican Butt!

Thanks Kathleen – that’s exactly what I intend to do!

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I’m proud to have the endorsements of the MTEA and WEAC!

I’m proud to have once again earned the support of the MTEA and WEAC!

They know I will continue to be a strong voice for public education, our teachers and our students. They also know that I will continue to fight for the resources our schools need!

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I’m Proud to Have Earned the Endorsement of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO

I’m proud to have a 100% voting record with the AFL-CIO and I’m humbled to have once again earned their endorsement.

The AFL-CIO knows that I will continue to fight for working families, livable wages, and Union Rights!

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One Reason Why I Love Knocking on Doors in the 20th District

I’m one of those crazy people who actually enjoys knocking on doors and making new friends.

Yesterday I spent some time enjoying the front porch of Allen Wulk.

I go past his Howard Avenue Home almost everyday and Often wondered about the “Make a Wish” sign.

It turns out, he placed a fountain in his front yard for decoration..before he knew it people were tossing coins into it. He didn’t quite know what to do with the money so he now donates money found in his fountain to …

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I’m Proud to Have AFSCME’s Endorsement

I am both honored and humbled to once again have earned the support of AFSCME, the largest public employee union in Wisconsin!

AFSCME recognizes that I will always stand strong and fight for workers rights, public education, high paying jobs and our traditional progressive values!

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